Thu, 4th of July


"did you ever love god?" he asked, stepping into the cave, coal walls pulsing gently around them, so unlike the gleaming gold of his own.

lucifer looks at him, face silhouetted darkly against the hole that overlooked the rest of the Kingdom. michael braces himself for another enigmatic, completely indecipherable answer, as was lucifer’s wont. 

"i do not think He ever meant for me to be capable of love," he replies instead, steady, sombre, and michael feels something he never knew existed in him break.

of course you were, he tries, but even as the words struggle out of him, he knows lucifer is right.

and lucifer watches him, ever knowing, altogether too much so for a mere angel, and michael realizes that the kingdom of heaven was never meant for lucifer after all.

"this new creature called man is an insult to both us and Him, and He knows it, and He knows I know. He wanted me to know, from the start. you think i am rebelling, but surely - nothing happens, nothing will ever happen, unless He’s designed it too from the very beginning.”

"in any case," lucifer adds, a smile too much like the arc of the falls that he so often partook in, flying higher than any angel ever dared, just to fold his wings and shut his eyes at the very top. “they taste delicious.”

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