Thu, 4th of April


vienna has always been a city of myths. it is a city that you must take care not to examine too closely for fear of being blinded by its magnificence, a city like a constellation of souls versed first in the language of beauty. to know her is to dare to dream of dimensions higher than the heavens themselves. she cannot move but to dance; her every movement stricken with the grandeur of her hundreds, her thousands, of balls dedicated to the purest pursuits of the aesthete. she will take you gently by the hand and have you incandescent with romance as you had long ago given up wishing for. she is a refuge of the reverent, a girl golden with seduction; who wears the glory of her peoples like jewels amongst the folds of her skirts, which she caresses and flings around the marbled floor. she speaks in operettas that turn the very centuries apart, and you will fall helplessly through the spiralling abysses that is her intellect. in her eyes there are empires of poets, of scientists, of artists and musicians and lovers who mingle in alchemies of orgiastic, apocalyptic creation. she commiserates with eve to cultivate intoxicating fruits of the highest pursuits of human flourishing. now and again she will collapse from the weight of her own glory, vienna will always rise again, triumphant in a world sick to death of rotten darkness.

series inspired by (x)

by: thymoss
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