Thu, 21st of February


(R E D A N D) B L A C K W I D O W S | a les miserables genderswapped matriarchal revolutionary au

they are whispered about, in tones dripping with carefully applied scorn. but their anger is biblical, their anger burns like a forest fire, like the fiery comets of old that destroyed empires. the lands have been ruled by men who drink the blood of virgins at their feasts and who make every feminine form dance like puppets in the prisons they call their cities, to whom maidenheads serve as trinkets and who strip the skin of the most beautiful as ornaments for the walls of their castles.

but rage gathers like gunpowder, coalescing into a deadly society of escaped slavegirls in whose veins run the rebellion of generations upon generations. enjolras wields his terrible beauty in one hand and everpresent gun in another, speaking the language of violence as the only answer in an era where hate has replaced the essense of humanity itself. her shadow is grantaire, the whose bitter smirk dances across a face scarred the cuts gifted by her old masters. combeferre plots the revolution with points like constellations in a sky she had seen only upon her escape. jehan closes her eyes and dreams of the screams of goddesses wronged until they flow like rivers of fury into words that intoxicate and inflame crowds. femme fatale courfeyrac alternatively seduces or shoots the occasional male into their cause, selecting between the two with cool calculation. marius, sweet yet unbroken marius falls in love with corbett, heir to the throne of the kingdom; to the dismay of e. thenardier, prodigal son of a politician desperately sympathetic to their cause.

but these men know not how they seek to rewrite reality, they seek not pure equality but bloody, violent revenge, they seek to conquer and flagellate the flesh of every man until the narrative of eternity reflects that of womanhood alone.

jennifer lawrence as ENJOLRAS

eva green as GRANTAIRE

romola garai as COMBEFERRE 

zooey deschanel as PROUVAIRE

zoe saldana as COURFEYRAC

liv tyler as MARIUS

hugh dancy as CORBETT

sebastian stan as E. THENARDIER

by: thymoss
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